No ambiguity: EI benefits are deductible from IRBs

The Divisional Court has recently weighed in on the deductibility of EI benefits from an income replacement benefit owing to an insured person after an accident. The Court held that all EI benefits are deductible as “gross employment income”. Section 4(1) of the SABS...

Burden of Proof vs. Fraud: Back to Basics

The Court of Appeal has overturned a summary judgment decision in a coverage case, finding the judge reversed the burden of proof and failed to recognize that a trial is required in cases of potential fraud, where credibility is in issue.

Say it if you mean it

UPDATE: This decision has since been overturned on appeal. Mr. Demetriou claimed he was robbed of a $550,000.00 ring (a family heirloom) that he was wearing on a gold chain around his neck while walking alone on a beach in Punta Cana. He had added the ring to his...

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