The Threshold: Nothing Much Has Changed

ONSC: In a threshold motion, the evidence of family members should never be ignored; a clean pre-accident health matters; the ability to work may be irrelevant on a threshold motion; and a court will want to help a likeable and credible plaintiff.

Mann v Jeffersen: No Objective Injury? You Better be Credible!

This decision arises from a motor vehicle accident that occurred on February 8, 2011. The trial took place in January 2019 before Trimble J. After the jury retired to deliberate, the defendants brought a motion for a declaration that the plaintiff’s injuries did not...

Sign Here, or Your Child will Hate You

Authored for and Published in CICMA March 2019 Newsletter. Your child has been invited to her best friend’s birthday party at Charlie’s Pizza Palace. You drop her off at the party. Before you can leave to enjoy the next two hours of freedom, the clerk at Charlie’s...

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